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Welcome to Magic Rainbow Preschool.

We are a private English language preschool for children aged between two and six years.

All lessons are conducted in English which makes it possible for the children to adopt the language naturally in a positive and encouraging enviroment. At present we have two classes with a high teacher-to-student ratio. This ratio gives us the opportunity to pay attention to each child individually and to adjust the education to suit his or her needs. This results in the children learning English with passion and enjoyment. Each class has two teachers, our team consists of native speakers and Czech teachers fluent in English. All teachers are qualified and have a previous experience in teaching.

Our Magic Rainbow Preschool is located in a pre-nursery building in a pleasant and calm area of Prague 5 - Hřebenka. The school is surrounded by a large garden which meets all of children´s needs while they are outside.

We offer a wide range of after school activities, such as ballet, dancing, cooking, ball games, tennis. The fees for afterschool activities are not included in the tuitions but full time children (5 times a week 7,30-17,00) can be signed for any two activities for free.

if you are interested in our school and would like your little boy or girl to be a part of our team, please fill in the application form and we will get back to you asap.

Updated: 28. 8. 2016 23:20:55